Herbal Hemp Tea - Loose Leaf - 150 mg Cannabinoid | The-Hemptress Quality Products

So… why tea? Because it’s healthy, delicious and fun. Because it brings people together, all over the world. Because it’s the second-most popular drink on the planet, after water.  And, quite simply, not only because it tastes great, because it makes us happy and healthier.  

Infused with 150 mg hemp oil cannabinoid.  Try one of our signature teas today. 5-10 MG per cup; may steep 2-3 times depending on your choice or liking.  


Loose Leaf Hemp Tea Flavors include

  • Lavender Earl Grey    Peach Lemon                     Jasmine
  • Ancient Berry              Forest Fruit            Cranberry Blood Orange
  • Hibiscus                      Lavender                         Chamomile
  • Coffee

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