Cannabinoid Isolate (CBD) offers a near endless amount of uses and applications in its pure, unmodified form. The pure format also helps for precise control over the amount in each dosage or serving. Pure isolate is a white crystal that generally comes in either slab or powder format. The cannabinoid is extracted from Hemp Oil using supercritical CO2extraction.  


A supercritical CO2 extractor passes Carbon Dioxide through hemp oil and plant material to extract and isolate the cannabinoid. The process removes all plant matter including the oils, waxes, fatty acids, chlorophyll and more. The result is pure cannabinoid isolate. To activate that cannabinoid, the extraction is decarboxylated, or heated, so that the acidic form of the cannabinoid will convert to the non-acidic form.  


It can be added to drinks, foods, edibles, infused for cooking, or even applied topically as well.

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